Ali Clark
Reiki Master/Teacher
               Beelsby Reiki Centre

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About me 

I have lived in Lincolnshire nearly all my life and love all animals and nature.  We currently have two dogs, one thoroughbred mare, seven cats (ex-feral), and two goldfish, and masses of plants and shrubs!  Most of these have been given reiki for health and wellbeing.

After following a fairly conventional life, I changed career in my late 40s and started a small gardening business, along with house cleaning and general help for my clients.

Although I have always been able to feel heat from my hands, for lots of reasons, I didn't follow it up until the right time in life came along.  I thought everyone had the same sensations.  I have since been lucky enough to realise this is my gift.  Eventually, I decided to do something positive and train with Reiki Evolution, an organisation that takes Reiki "back to basics" and has been very successful over the years.  It has been an absolutely brilliant experience and I have obtained my Reiki 1st and 2nd Degrees for People through Epona Equine Reiki Centre, with Sarah Berrisford.  I have then taken my Equine Reiki 1st and 2nd Degrees and MY MASTERS/TEACHER degree May 2014.  This allows me to share Reiki with other interested people and to offer courses.

My aim is to help people to enjoy the benefits of Reiki, its life enhancing energy that can bring balance to their lives.

It's a marvellous journey of light, love, and intuition.


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