Ali Clark
Reiki Master/Teacher
               Beelsby Reiki Centre

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Physicality - Aura's & Energy Fields
Take a look at the above pictures.
Which seems the most “real” to you?
If you’re like most of us in the Western world, you identify more with the picture on the left.
But the picture on the right is very real too!
It’s a photo of an aura – an energetic field which can be captured using a method called Kirlian Photography.
EVERYONE has an aura, even though most people have no clue it exists.
In fact, this photo provides evidence that there are TWO aspects of being human. 
A physical you... and an energetic you.
But there’s a problem:
Most People ignore Their Energetic Side.
It’s probably because our energetic selves are invisible so we don’t give them much attention.
But as you'll discover, this is one of the biggest mistakes you can make.
Simply the words of many healers:
"Everything Is Energy"
In fact, energy is literally pulsing through your body right now as you read these words – it’s shooting through lines in your body known as meridian lines (the basis of acupuncture), and is swirling in vortexes at the center of your being (your chakras).